Published on 07/25/2016 7:31 am
What To Do If You Are Not Receiving Email From The Senders?

We all know that email has become an important part in our life whether it is related to business or for personal use. A lot of work is done with the help of emails. It has been observed that the businesses running online do their most of the work using email service. But, have anyone wondered what to do in case any of the user stops receiving emails or messages. This can be very frustrating for the users using business email as their maximum works and deals are done through emails.

It is very irritating as someone is sending emails to you, that are very important and you are not receiving them. In this case neither you will receive email or know about email nor will the sender of the email know. The main reason behind this situation is the spam. To get rid of this problem user can call Hotmail Support Helpline Number. Here the users can get the immediate assistance and full resolution to the problem.

Here are some easy steps provided by the Hotmail helpline number Australia to start receiving the emails and messages again.

1. First, open your Hotmail account and check your junk mail.

2. After that, remove all the filters in the RULES option.

3. Now, add the senders email to your contact list.

4. The users have to make sure that the emails they are receiving from any sender or company does not look like a spam mail as it will block that mail or message.

These simple steps will make your problems resolved and the users will start receiving email again. If the problem is still not resolved then contact Hotmail Technical Support Australia. The users just have to call them on their phone number and they will analyse your problems and provide you with the best possible solution. For more information related to their services, the users can visit their official website.

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